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World grain market: place and role of Ukraine

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Dovgal O.,
доктор економічних наук, доцент кафедри економічної теорії і суспільних наук, Миколаївський національний аграрний університет
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3353-4749


Introduction. The article shows the increase in Ukraine’s share in the world structure of grain exports. The average value of the growth rate of Ukrainian wheat and fodder grain exports is calculated, which is ahead of the similar world indicator. It turns out that the food supply of individual countries and regions depends on the volume of Ukrainian grain exports. It is noted that the positive side of the growth of grain exports is the increase in foreign exchange earnings, the negative – the loss of value added and reducing the use of grain for domestic needs.

Purpose. Substantiation of theoretical and methodological provisions of the grain market, study of the state, patterns, prospects of the grain market of national and regional nature and development of practical recommendations for improving the organizational and economic mechanism of its regulation through generalization of conceptual approaches and implementation of foreign experience.

Results. The article proves that the solution of the global food problem is connected with the production of grain products. Currently, the essence of this problem comes down to the fact that the growth rate of the world’s population is ahead of the growth rate of grain production. In addition, the article substantiates how the negative impact of destructive factors on agricultural production is increasing – reducing the area of land suitable for agricultural production through construction and desertification, increasing freshwater shortages, increasing the frequency of floods, droughts and fires and increasing their distribution and more.

Conclusions. While maintaining the current demographic and climate trends, the risks of food danger are increasing even for countries that have traditionally been and are suppliers of grain products to the world market. For Ukraine, such risks are because the deepening integration of its economy into the world weakens the ability of public administration to influence the redistribution and movement of food in the national market – free trade policy is the basis of the neoliberal doctrine of economic globalization. In the worst-case scenario, the owners of grain products grown in Ukraine will be foreign agricultural holdings of TNCs, which will export it abroad without restrictions provoking an acute shortage of food in the domestic market with all the negative consequences.

Keywords: wheat, fodder grain, export, foreign exchange earnings, raw materials, value added, domestic use.


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