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Vector analysis in the system of organizational and legal security management of agricultural business entities

УДК 338.436


СЬОМИЧ Микола Іванович,
кандидат наук з державного управління, доцент,
професор кафедри публічного управління та адміністрування
Полтавської державної аграрної академії Міністерства освіти і науки України
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7049-9992


Annotation. The management system formation of organizational and legal security of a business entity is a complex optimization process of decision making in dynamic and constantly changing conditions, which can simultaneously be characterized by uncertainty. In the classical formulation of the problems of modeling the optimized legal system of the subject provides one objective function. In most cases, this function is a delineation of the economic component and will be a single criterion for increasing profitability while attracting cost constraints. Such a problem would be the only solution using linear programming theory. Such a theory will provide the development of the simplex method. But the situation of recent years with the use of single-criterion vector optimization problems allows us to consider them as partial, especially due to the involvement of factors of influence of different nature (economic, organizational, legal), which still have a systemic influence. The latter, in turn, will not always be appropriate for the application of multi-purpose directed influence on a business entity. It is determined that the objective of the agricultural business entity objectively does not have a single denominator. Thus, the study of individual sources allows to distinguish at least economic and non-economic groups. In this way, a business entity cannot directly focus solely on the influence of a single purpose, economic, organizational or legal. Therefore, a business entity must identify several of the most significant landmarks. An example of a more successful application of vector analysis to the conditions of organizational and legal support of agricultural business entities is the use of a genetic algorithm. It is the basis for the gradual improvement of final solutions and the variety of methods for constructing global vector optimization criteria that will provide the corresponding adaptability functions. The application of this approach, as well as the use of modern software under the conditions of validity and adequacy of the target functions, will become a reliable tool for the best directions of the strategic management development in the system of organizational and legal security of the subjects of agricultural business.

Key words: vector analysis, optimization, organizational and legal security, business-subject, agricultural business, efficiency.


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