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Value of logistic control systems in the control system

УДК 334.01

доктор економічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри,
Харківський національний технічний університет
сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка


In today’s conditions of the world financial and economic crisis, which is hard hit in the Ukrainian economy, the question of survival and improving the optimization of logistics systems become important for all economic actors. The article outlines the essence of the control of logistics systems, specifies its role in the management process, outlines the main approaches to its understanding, as well as determines the factors affecting the activities of enterprises. The purpose of this article is to determine the control system in the management system, its use as one of the functions of management, which in turn provides the effectiveness of the functions of the entire management mechanism, provided that the use of logistics management systems. Also, the main functions of management in logistics are investigated, it is outlined that one of the functions of economic analysis is control aimed at identifying the factors that find deviations and their causes. The essence of the control of logistic systems is specified, its role in the management process is specified, the main approaches to its understanding are outlined, as well as factors influencing the activity of the enterprises are determined. The role of control of logistics systems, which plays an important role in the management of the enterprise, is revealed. Application and use of control of logistics systems in the management of logistics processes at the enterprise were not well investigated, in particular, they were not reflected due to the lack of theoretical and substantiated logistic control procedures as an applied direction of economic development of the enterprise; the development of a methodology for controlling logistics systems at enterprises with the specification of terminology needs to be developed; the problem of the possibility of adapting world research in the field of logistic control to the conditions of management of domestic enterprises is not considered. Because of this, many problems arise in coordinating and controlling logistics costs of an enterprise as a logistics system of management functions.

Key words: logistic system, functions of the logistic system, management process, control.


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The article was received 16.03.2018