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Value chains creation management in the context of increasing efficiency of farms’ land resources using

УДК [334:631.1]:005.93

Groshev S. V.,
Управління Державної казначейської служби у Київському районі м. Харкова Харківської області (м. Харків, Україна)


One of the strategic lines of land management and increasing efficiency of farms is management of farmer’s value chains creation. The goal of research is to develop conceptual bases of value chains creation management in the context of increasing efficiency of farms’ land resources using. The essence of a farmer’s value chains creation and its strategic management is defined, its functionality and integrated structure are shown. Management of a farmer’s value chain creation is proposed on four blocks of administrative decisions, which includes production improvement, specialization improvement, improvement of a product, modernization of a value chain creation. Production, goods, distribution system, production placement and information are referred to major factors of forming the effective management of a farmer’s value chain creation. For increasing farm’s efficiency in the conditions of transition to the smart specialization model we have proved creation of a national information center (hub) for farms development.

Key words: value chain creation, efficiency management, land resources, farm.


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