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Use of marketing strategies to attract investments by diversified enterprises of Ukraine

УДК 330.322


Lepeyko T. I.
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8667-509X


Introduction. Characteristics of the current state of the Ukrainian economy, create conditions under which there is uncertainty in obtaining the expected end result from the invested funds. Persuading investors to invest in the capital of modern diversified enterprises requires the ability to build and maintain relationships.

The purpose of the work is to investigate and substantiate the effectiveness of the marketing aspects of a diversified enterprise in relation to their investment activities in the field of more effective financing in various stock markets, banking sector, direct investment, reinvestment of own funds.

Results. To date, economic activity has been carried out by diversified enterprises solely on the basis of general trends in identifying positive growth rates of financial performance of the enterprise. Thanks to the implementation of marketing strategies it is possible to move to another level of efficiency of fundraising. There is also the problem of operational decisions at the level of the most diversified enterprise. A more pragmatic reason for studying the diversification of modern enterprises is that corporate managers decide to diversify and reorient their firms. In addition, executives are faced with investment decisions in several of the businesses they operate. Empirical evidence of how such decisions have worked in the past can be useful in strategic planning of investment marketing activities. Assessing specific costs and benefits can also be useful to investors and regulators. This study found that these strategies are endowed with sufficient strength to find new opportunities among investors, which are aimed at long-term investment.

Conclusions. In the course of the study of the performance of diversified enterprises, the marketing tools which help to attract investors were analyzed. First of all, the strategies of long-term investors were analyzed. The relationship between the effectiveness of marketing in terms of the activity of attracting consumers of goods and services of the enterprise and the interest of investors in them was also established. It is established that there is a discount on the business value of diversified enterprises among the investment environment. Businesses that have chosen to diversify or be acquired by diversifiers are essentially different from single-segment businesses. In terms of balance, industry case studies and econometric analysis of enterprise growth allow domestic capital markets to be efficient in reallocating resources.

Keywords: diversification, investment marketing, enterprises, financial indicators.


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