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Theoretical and methodical basis of key indicators of agricultural enterprise activity.

УДК 331.101


РЕЗНІК Надія Петрівна,
доктор економічних наук, професор, завідувач кафедри менеджменту ім. проф. Й. С. Завадського, Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування України
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9588-5929
здобувач кафедри менеджменту ім. проф. Й. С. Завадського, Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування України


Introduction. In the context of socio-economic transformation of particular importance is the study of the problem of labor quality management, the analysis of social factors of its growth, determination of the nature and forms of intellectual capital. At present, the availability of qualified personnel with technical skills is insufficient. The first is the need for employees to have business qualities that are not only related to the technical component but also to the vision of the organization itself.

The purpose of the research is to analyze practical recommendations for improving the enterprise management system and its activities based on KPI as a tool for effective management.

Results. The authors argue that the KPI system is necessary for companies to understand how key performance indicators are in relation to goals and strategic initiatives in the long term. It is researched that when evaluating the personnel it is important to choose such indicators that can best identify the differences in the level of professional success, as a necessary prerequisite for the professional growth of employees, improving their qualification level, satisfaction, and as a result – a high quality of work is to deepen the content of work. The KPI metrics system promises employees clear goals and transparent bonuses. It has been proven that the event is well-conducted, as a business evaluation of the staff can increase the efficiency of agricultural enterprises.

Conclusions. It is proved that the system of balanced indices includes the KPIs required for each control object (structural, functional units) and the method of their evaluation. These systems or techniques form the basis for decision-making, are based on evaluating the effectiveness of the company and are aimed at achieving its strategic goals.

Keywords: evaluation of enterprise activity, management system, KPI indicators, personnel policy, employee efficiency, business processes.


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