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The role of capital concentration in ensuring the competitiveness of domestic agrarian enterprises

УДК: 338.43.01

кандидат економічних наук,
Харківський національний технічний університет сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка


Introduction. The effective functioning of the market depends on the distribution fairness of interests between the participants in the economic chain. The capital concentration in the marketing infrastructures of the agricultural sector reduces the competitiveness of agricultural producers.

The purpose of the article is to evaluate the level of capital concentration in marketing infrastructures and to determine its impact on the agricultural enterprises activities.

Results. The influence directions of correlation of capital concentration levels on marketing infrastructure formation are determined. The indicators system for estimating the capital concentration is proposed. The statistical analysis of the profit level of agricultural enterprises in Kharkiv region is conducted. It is established that the center of profit formation in the industry are economic entities belonging to the sphere of circulation. The urgency of the fair distribution issue of market participants interests was noted. Attention is drawn to the lack of criteria for such distribution. Types of the enterprise relations with the participants of the commodity market are generalized and characterized. The characteristics of food markets functioning are highlighted. The markets structure for food and agricultural products has been determined. The enterprise commodity strategy formation is proposed on the basis of the crisis consequences. The relationship between the capital concentration in the industry and the agrarian enterprise competitiveness is investigated. The domination problem of subjects’ interests of circulation in the agricultural sector is noted. The regulatory measures application aimed at concentrating capital in the production sphere is proposed.

Conclusions. The capital concentration in the marketing infrastructure contributes to the funds concentration in the circulation sphere. This situation has a negative impact on agricultural producers. It is necessary to introduce measures at the state level aimed at funds reorientation in the production sphere in order to solve this problem.

Key words: capital concentration, agrarian enterprises, competitive potential, horizontal integration, vertical integration.


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The article was received 12.11.2018