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The evaluation of the use of tourist-recreational potential of Odessa region

УДК 332.3:913


ШУШУЛКОВ Стоян Дмитрович,
здобувач, Харківський національний технічний університет сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1369-8797


Entry. In modern conditions of development of globalization processes, tourism and recreational activities is one of the directions of economic development not only of regions but also the world. The tourism industry on the modern stage the most rapidly evolving and affects the social, cultural, ecological environment and the environment acts as a catalyst for socio-economic development. At the same time, despite the significant amount of scientific research, the specifics of the tourist-recreational potential of the regions is not well understood.

The aim of the publication is the definition of the functioning of tourist-recreational potential of Odessa region.

Results. Determined that the tourism industries are in the top five industries generating the largest revenues in the world. The article examines the features of functioning of tourist-recreational activities. It is determined that the resource potential in each region is different. Refined conceptual and categorical framework in the context of defining “potential” and «tourist potential», «recreational potential», «recreational potential». The approaches to defining the tourism potential: natural, resource. Conducted a comprehensive assessment of tourism and recreational potential of the Odessa region. The tendencies of its composition, present state and usage. It focuses on the problematic aspects of the use of tourist and recreational potential.

Conclusions. The analysis of current trends indicates considerable prospects for growth and further development of tourist and recreational potential is the basis for the planning sector at the national and regional levels. Indicates the need for its comprehensive evaluation system, these shortcomings towards the realization of the tourism potential in the sectors of the economy.

Key words: tourism, recreation, tourist and recreational resources, environment, the potential tourist and recreational potential.


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