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The effectiveness of the monitoring and control system in the agricultural enterprises management

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Introduction. Due to the impact of the global financial crisis and the growth of competition in the international market, control in the enterprise management is becoming important. It provides feedback between the control and managed subsystems of the enterprise.

The purpose of the research is to substantiate the effectiveness of the monitoring and control system in the agricultural enterprises management in an unstable economic environment.

Results. It is established that the existing approaches to the agricultural enterprise management do not contribute to the effective implementation of monitoring and control. The number of problems in the process of agribusiness management were identified based on expert analysis. It is determined that the development of strategic management in the agricultural enterprises activities is hampered by the lack of use of appropriate monitoring and control tools. The guidelines of agrarian business entities are determined in accordance with the market concept of enterprise management. The coefficient analysis of capacity utilization and profitability of agricultural enterprises is carried out. The inconsistency of the existing approaches of agricultural enterprises management to the requirements of the market environment has been established. It is revealed that the imperfect organization of enterprise management contributes to the formation of an unstable information base of enterprise control. The operative orientation of control in the enterprise management of the agrarian sphere and neglect of strategic factors of success are determined. It is substantiated that the integration of economic monitoring and control tools in the management system contributes to the growth of enterprises economic efficiency.

Conclusions. The formation of strategic goals of agricultural enterprises is based on the distorted implementation of the sustainable development concept. The presence of a significant number of factors is determined that inhibit the process of increasing the investment attractiveness level and economic efficiency of agricultural businesses.

Keywords: monitoring, control, enterprise management, agrarian business entity, efficiency, strategic management, monitoring and control tools, information base.


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