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The analysis of assessment regional ratings of business conditions considering the ensuring of enterprises’ economic security

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Любохинець Лариса Сергіївна
кандидат економічних наук, доцент,
завідувач кафедри економічної теорії та економічної безпеки,
Хмельницький національний університет,
ORCID ID : 0000-0003-1578-615X

The article presents the analysis results of the current state environment of enterprises’ operation from the standpoint of ensuring economic security determined at the level of regional economy. The ensuring of favorable business conditions is a way to attract investment into the economy, the opportunity to restore economic growth, to stabilize the national economy, to implement the best practices of quality and effective regulation of business processes based on monitoring indicators of the Regional Doing Business index.

The main trends of dynamic changes in the conditions of doing business based on the analysis of regional indicators identified. The conditions analysis of doing business in the regional context allows to identify the main trends in business development and the sources of problems to which the system of economic security of specific entities is forced to respond in some way.

However, the “strength” of such response should be proportionate to the impact, and in some cases the prevention and leveling of threats may be impossible or beyond the competence of specific actors. Therefore, adaptation processes can also be used to ensure the economic security of economic entities, which is mainly due to the negative institutional impact. Such business conditions require the management of enterprises to respond quickly and to a certain degree of flexibility, which allows eliminating potential threats, adapting to insurmountable circumstances, and as a result contributing to economic security in general.

Keywords: index of Regional Doing Business conditions, economic security, business indicators, rating assessment.


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