Actual problems of innovative economy

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Sustainable development of the region’s tourism sphere: theoretical basis and conditions of establishment

УДК 338.48


ТКАЧ Уляна Володимирівна,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент кафедри міжнародного
туризму і готельного бізнесу, Тернопільський національний економічний університет
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6201-1555


Introduction. The impact of globalization and convergence on the rapprochement of nations leads to an increase in the tourism role through strengthening human needs for socialization in today’s information society. The underutilization of the domestic potential of the tourism industry necessitates its exploration to formulate directions for further development and growth.

The purpose of the study is further development of the theoretical basis and conditions for the sustainable development of the tourism sector in the region.

Results. The key issues of constant coordination and harmonization of human relations and environment are identified in the context of sustainable tourism development by vectors of time and space. The alternative absence of sustainable tourism development paradigm has been proved. The concept of «sustainable development» is given. It is suggested to understand the sustainable development of tourism as a development that can fully meet the needs of tourists in the present time, taking into account the interests of the tourist destination in expanding the reproduction of their own resource potential in the future. The determinants, criteria and general principles of the sustainable tourism development concept are defined. The interrelation of the criterion with the following components is justified: «availability – quality – safety» – their essence is disclosed.

The role of tourism as a component of sustainable regional development is revealed. The types of sustainability that are inherent in tourism scenarios have been described. The basis of urgent problems of tourist development and recreational sphere of the region is monitored.

The changes to tourism legislation developed by the Ministry of Economic Development has been considered. The results of the tourist industry analysis of Ukraine by individual types are given. The low attractiveness of Ukraine as a tourist center has been proved, where the main reason is underdeveloped infrastructure, which requires considerable investment. The directions of development of individual segments of tourism are determined. The ways of brand developing of Ukraine as a tourist destination are considered.

Keywords: sustainable development, tourism, tourist product, tourist industry, tourist region, tourist sphere, tourist services market.



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