Actual problems of innovative economy

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Strategic directions of increasing the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine in the international market

УДК: 338.436:339.924


Міненко Софія Іванівна
доктор філософії з менеджменту, асистент
кафедри менеджменту, бізнесу і адміністрування,
Державний біотехнологічний університет,
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3033-1911

The article examines the strategic directions of increasing the competitiveness of domestic agricultural enterprises in the international market. It is noted that the peculiarity of agricultural production does not form the same strategic potential of enterprises in the industry, as they implement different strategies, can operate in different environments, and respond differently to environmental factors. At the same time, land use is important in the production activities of agricultural enterprises, because the direction of production, level of specialization, its efficiency and sales opportunities depend on the area of land used by the enterprise and its quality characteristics (soil density, fertility level, etc.). It is revealed that in the near strategic perspective considering the innovation factor should be one of the decisive conditions for further development of agricultural enterprises. It is noted that today there are enough theoretical and applied problems that hinder the effective implementation of innovations, which should encourage increased state support and partnerships between government agencies and the private sector aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of producers, including in foreign markets, increase the efficiency of production and economic activities and create opportunities for investment. In addition, the agricultural sector is one of the budget-generating areas of the economy, and therefore has priority in public policy. Since 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has increased its attention to the European vector of national economic development and the agricultural sector is no exception, so several decisions have been made to implement qualitative changes in the agricultural sector. To state support, the functioning of agricultural enterprises at the state level in Ukraine approved a mechanism to stimulate the development of this sector of the national economy, embodied in agricultural policy and is reflected in the forms and extent of state influence in market processes of agricultural and related markets. It is established that the task of business leaders is to choose in time the innovative direction that is not yet used by competitors and on this basis to create competitive advantages.

Key words: competitive advantages, strategic directions of increasing competitiveness, agricultural enterprises, international market.


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The article was received 20.03.2021