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Strategic approaches to intensifying production activity in agricultural machinery

УДК 332.012

кандидат економічних наук,
Миколаївська філія ПВНЗ «Європейській університет»


In this article the strategic approaches and tendencies of development of the sub-industry of production activity of machine building of Ukraine – agricultural machine-building are investigated. Considerable attention was paid to the analysis of approaches for the intensification of the machine-building sector. It was investigated that there are negative trends in the slowdown of industry growth in Ukraine’s machine building industry. Therefore, this sphere is in a crisis situation to date. These studies are observed in all regions of the country, and strategic approaches and investment resources will allow the withdrawal of agricultural machinery from a crisis situation. And if this does not happen, then the country can lose agricultural machinery, as happened with the automotive sector. The prospects for further research are clinging to the promotion of the production capacity of agricultural machinery, the implementation of technical and technological modernization, the development of the domestic market and the expansion of inter-factory cooperation between domestic enterprises, the expansion of markets for products, in particular to the European Union countries, the development of new types of complex, competitive and knowledge-based technology. attraction of investments for technical and technological provision of priority sectors of the economy Mika region – agro-industrial complex.

Key words: agricultural machinery, agriculture, commodity producers, demand.


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The article was received 14.03.2018