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State regulation in the field of increasing the productivity of the resource potential utilization of the agricultural sector

УДК 351:631.1


кандидат економічних наук, директор ТОВ «ЗЕМІНФОРМ»


Introduction. The agro-industrial sector has a significant impact on the national economy state, so the key task of public policy is to ensure its continued development.

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the experience of highly developed countries (such as the USA) in the state regulation field of the productivity of the resource potential use at the agricultural sector to determine the key directions of the domestic agrarian policy development.

Results. The possibility of using “green box” levers in domestic agricultural policy has been established aimed at optimizing the use of resource potential. The criteria of belonging of state measures to the “green box” are defined: their influence should not concern the price support of productions, financing is carried out at the expense of government budget programs, and not consumers of agricultural production. Uncertainty of goals and strategy of domestic agrarian reform has been revealed. The main reason for the imperfect development strategy of the domestic agrarian sphere is outlined – the lack of a concept and mechanism for state regulation of the productivity utilization of the resource potential at the agricultural sector enterprises. The low level of attention of the state authorities to the agriculture resource potential is justified. It has been established that the current practice of crop management leads to a deterioration of the soil and climatic conditions.  This necessitates the search for new approaches to shaping the resource potential of agricultural enterprises. The unsatisfactory condition of fixed assets used in agriculture and their impact on the yield of agricultural products are characterized. The chronology of the state regulation system transformation of productivity of resource potential use in the USA’s agricultural sector is considered. The existence of permanent goals of agricultural policy has been established. The main types of US farms are characterized: individual farms, family partnerships and corporations. The American system orientation on strengthening the influence of state regulation in order to provide conditions for efficient use of resource potential is established. The main shortcomings of the domestic agricultural policy are identified and the directions of its improvement are suggested.

Conclusions. Today there is no alternative to active state regulation aimed at the formation, restoration and utilization of the resource potential of the domestic agrarian sector. In this regard, it is necessary to ensure the optimal structure of market and social leverages on the resource potential. This impact must be comprehensive and continuous in order to achieve the stated goal.

Keywords: resource potential, mechanism, agricultural enterprise, productivity, agrarian sector, agrarian policy, strategy, agrarian reform.


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