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Piggyback as an element of the agricultural products supply to the world market

УДК 339


Ларіна Тетяна Федорівна,
доктор економічних наук, доцент, завідувач кафедри агрологістики і управління ланцюгами постачань,
Литвинов Анатолій Іванович,
доктор економічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри агрологістики і управління ланцюгами постачань,
Потишняк Олена Миколаївна,
доктор економічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри організації виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту,
Харківський національний технічний університет сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка (м. Харків, Україна)


The purpose of the presented research is to analyze the prospects of piggyback in improving the efficiency of organization of agricultural supply chains to the world market. Ukraine is characterized by a high level of logistical component in transportation of agricultural products, which actualizes the issue of managed transformations in this field.

The arguments and counterarguments on the viability of the strategy of using piggyback in the practice of building a supply chain in the context of the agrarian market are analyzed. The basis of the formation of the author’s vision is based on the criterion of economic feasibility. Attention was paid to the potential of piggyback in mitigating the situation in the organization of agricultural supply chains by reducing: the need for storage capacities, expanding the range of exporting entities, smoothing the situation of shortages of hopper wagons. At the same time, the actual updating of the piggyback mechanism is connected with the change of the structure of Ukrainian agro-export, in the transition from the practice of raw material appendage to the strategy of creation of production chains with high added value.  It is noted that the key feature of agro-logistics is the objective need to form highly specialized segments within it. Each group of a wide range of agricultural products requires an individual, non-uniform approach in the logistics of intermodal transportation. Piggyback is recognized as a promising direction for the development of the logistics services market in Ukraine. However, their implementation in the practice of organizing agricultural supply chains has objective limitations. The segment agricultural group where piggyback is economically viable includes high-value elite agricultural products with a small average export batch, as well as high value-added agro-industrial products.

Key words: world market, piggyback, supply chains, international logistics, agricultural products, exports.


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The article was received 14.03.2019