Actual problems of innovative economy

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Peculiarities of systematization of conditions of ensuring competitiveness of agricultural enterprises

УДК: 338.242


Миколенко Інна Григорівна,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри економіки та міжнародних економічних відносин, Полтавська державна аграрна академія,
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3800-6136

Transformational shifts in the economy due to globalization and European integration processes have led to a redistribution of competitive positions of market players in target markets, including agricultural, which is relevant for the latter the need to determine the conditions for their competitiveness and build a sustainable management system. In the process of developing research on competitive relations, behavioral, structural and functional approaches to the interpretation of the concept of “competition” have been identified, and the definition of their priorities and their systematic application contributes to streamlining the process of creating a general concept of enterprise competitiveness management. The formation of the methodology of development of the competitiveness management system of grain production enterprises requires taking into account the peculiarities of economic relations in the agro-industrial sphere, and the analysis of the competitive environment of target agar markets requires an individual approach to systematizing the competitiveness of enterprises. Systematic application of the main provisions of the presented approaches will create conditions for the full transition of agricultural enterprises to an innovative basis, which will contribute to achieving an advanced level of their competitiveness. Peculiarities of the grain production direction are, in particular, the natural uniqueness of the properties of the final product – grain (because increasing the yield of grain crops through the use of innovative technologies is possible to some extent) and a larger list of means of production involved in economic activity. The volumes of necessary resources and means of production are determined, first of all, by the size of agricultural lands. Taking into account such features of grain producers allowed to determine the most rational use of such an approach in the management of their economic activities, in which the efforts of grain producers can be focused on trends in commodity and resource markets.

Key words: competition, competitiveness, agricultural enterprises, grain producers, market.


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The article was received 15.12.2020