Actual problems of innovative economy and law

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Organizational and economic principles of land resources management of agricultural enterprises

УДК: 332.3: 631.11


Humennyi Mykhailo,
Applicant of the Department of Economic Expertise and Land Management,
West Ukrainian National University,

The article is devoted to justifying agrarian enterprises’ organizational and economic principles of land resource management. The main blocks of the land resources management mechanism are defined, and their interrelationship is outlined. It was established that in the context of the regional sustainable development strategy, the key elements are the concept of sustainable land use and its impact on the effective use of land resources. Land use regulation and agrarian policy act as methods of ensuring sustainable development. Preserving natural resources and ecological potential is also an important aspect that requires increasing land use efficiency and preserving valuable natural territories. Limiting land use conditions, particularly in private ownership, is necessary to ensure the protection of natural resources and the well-being of local communities, especially in rural areas. The study confirms the possibility of implementing a set of measures to implement the principles of sustainable land use in the land resource management system at agricultural enterprises. These measures include improving the state of land resources, limiting the influence of non-agricultural industries, effective use of accessible land areas, and rational use of land funds with an orientation towards increasing the efficiency of agricultural production. It was established that the main directions for improving the efficiency of agricultural land use management are: observance of technological discipline, when all agrotechnical requirements for the quality of field processing, the timing of agricultural works, and the implementation of qualitative changes in the land use technology itself are strictly observed.

Keywords: land resources, management mechanism, sustainable development, assessment, monitoring.


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