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Organizational and economic mechanism of management of agro-industrial enterprises integration

УДК 338.26


ПІВЕНЬ Альона Василівна,
старший викладач кафедри організації
виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту Харківського національного технічного
університету сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3795-1112


Introduction. The urgency of the vertically integrated structures analysis of agroindustrial production is conditioned by the need to ensure the food security of the state, create export potential, and ensure the enterprises competitiveness and structural modernization of production.

The purpose of the study is to substantiate the content and essence of the organizational and economic mechanism for managing the integration of agricultural enterprises.

Results. The promotion factors of agroindustrial complex development are determined. The directions for developing domestic relations in various integration forms are provided. The geographical features of territorial development of rural space in Ukraine are considered. The decisive factors for the spatial organization of the countryside are identified. The main goals of the strategy of agroindustrial complex development are defined.

The features of clusters are distinguished inherent in complex economic systems: polycentricity, that is the presence of a number of leading organizations implementing the idea of balanced management of the cluster entities development; co-directional development is the only vector of cluster entities development; adequate display of synergistic effect on the basis of increasing the integrity degree according to the emergence law.

The efficiency factors of the clustering processes of the agro-industrial complex are determined: institutional, technical-economic, production-economic, market conditions, economic-geographical, financial-investment, agrarian policy and scientific and technical. The circumstances of the need for in-depth development of a complex problem of improving the inter-sectoral exchange system of the region agro-industrial complex subjects have been identified. The structure of key factors that determine the equivalence level of interbranch exchange in the agroindustrial complex is provided, which includes: resource support, efficiency of interbranch exchange, factors of the intraeconomic environment, structural-institutional, organizational and managerial, state regulation.

Keywords: integration, agro-industrial production, cluster, factor, equivalence of interbranch exchange.


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The article was received 01.03.2019