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Multifunctional modeling regional system of solid waste management to considering syneric effect

УДК: UDC 504.06:330.15

Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor,
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor,
Poltava State Agrarian Academy (Poltava, Ukraine)


The article is formulated balance scheme life cycle of solid waste of the region, that allowed to develop ecological and economic model optimal management in the area of recourse with waste on the regional level and to determine optimization scripts of management this area theoretically optimal values of parameters. Based on model management area of recourse with solid domestic waste formed algorithm definition of optimal management strategies and mechanisms for their implementation, which allows solving the problems of optimize development area of handling with solid waste with a given set variables and parameters of system state for a particular type life cycle this area. The developed model has a set of admissible solutions and, accordingly, offers the choice of the best of them taking into account the target functions. The obtained results of research allowed formulating conceptual bases for ensuring ecological safety of the regions, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the use of the natural and economic potential of the territory, resource conservation and resource replacement. The practical significance of the work is to optimize the strategy of ensuring environmental safety in the region, the implementation of which will allow: to improve the resource availability and competitiveness of the region, to obtain additional revenues from second-round resources; preserve primary resources and improve their quality; return the contaminated land to the economic circulation of the region; reduce the risk to public health from the negative impact of wastes; improve the socio-psychological climate in the

Key words: area of handling with solid wastes, optimization model, region, secondary resources, environmental safety, balanced development.


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The article was received 20.05.2018