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Morphological analysis in competitiveness management in conditions of electronic commerce activation

УДК: 339.16


Dudnyk O.,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри організації виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0901-5949
Sahachko Y.,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри організації виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0168-266X
Харківський національний технічний університет сільського господарства
імені Петра Василенка


Introduction. In today’s changing environment, organizations need to conduct fundamental evaluations of their positions and make an informed choice of ways of future operation based on the use of methods of analysis of management decisions. Dynamic urges managers to be in constant movement to improve systems and processes based on scientific and technical progress, taking into account the importance of strengthening information technology. Therefore, the issues of implementing quality management of the competitiveness of enterprises are extremely topical.

The purpose of the article is to study the usefulness of morphological analysis in determining the impact of the development of electronic commerce as a factor in the competitiveness of organizations.

Results. A study of the concepts of “competitiveness” and “e-commerce” is conducted. The necessity of management of the enterprises which are carried out by means of electronic commerce is considered, and the factors of formation of their competitiveness are defined. The analysis of the electronic market in Ukraine and in the world is carried out. The mechanism of e-commerce implementation is considered. The Internet information network is characterized as a driving force of e-commerce. Attention is also paid to the role of staff, namely: the need for personnel management with the development of technology.

Conclusions. The factors influencing competitiveness in the context of the growth of e-commerce, namely their improvement, have been identified. With the rapid development of e-commerce, there is a need for operational management decisions. Due to the changing environment of the electronic system, it is proposed to use effective methods of management decisions, namely the method of morphological analysis.

Key words: competitiveness, e-commerce, management decisions, morphological analysis, electronic market.


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