Actual problems of innovative economy

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Modern brand management in the system of strategic enterprise management in the conditions of strengthening digitalization processes

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Просяник Оксана Петрівна,
доктор філологічних наук, доцент, професор кафедри управління соціальними комунікаціями ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця,
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6704-5391
Яресько Катерина Вікторівна,
кандидат педагогічних наук, доцент, завідувач кафедри управління соціальними комунікаціями ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця,
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9949-6429


Introduction. Under modern conditions, companies are trying to maintain a position in the market, intensively implementing the digital transformation, which for some time is the official state policy in order to build a digital economy in Ukraine.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the trends of digitalization in enterprises in view of the legal framework and the realities of the modern economy to develop strategies for brand management under conditions mentioned.

Results. The legal framework that carries out legal regulation of digital transformation processes in Ukraine is analyzed. The main directions of the state policy on the process of digitalization in all spheres of society are clarified, as the innovative model of economic growth is one of the main tasks of the state in the nearest future. The stages of implementation of digital transformation at the enterprise are singled out. It is noted that in the process of digitalization enterprises should take into account individual characteristics, for which a strategy should be developed. A structured, consistent enterprise management strategy, developed with the aim of gradual implementation of digitalization, will bring the company to a new level and make it more competitive, strengthen the reputation of their brands in today’s market. It is noted that the introduction of digital technologies is only the first step in the digital transformation of the enterprise. The next stage of business development is the development of digital business models. Enterprises need to develop a competitive business model, taking into account all stages of digital transformation in the company’s development strategy in general and brand strategy in particular.

Conclusions. The state policy of Ukraine is aimed at supporting and motivating enterprises in the transition to digital format and is enshrined both at the legislative level and of a recommendation nature. Modern life requires companies to move to digital format at all levels, in which case they will be able to maintain market position. Industry 4.0 requires companies to reach another, qualitatively new level of business activity. According to this, companies need to develop a business model for the gradual implementation of digital transformation in the company at all levels, which would allow continuous and effective management of the company without reputational losses of the brand.

Key words: digitalization, digital transformation, strategic management, brand management, enterprise.


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