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Methodological approach to formation of system risk assessment in industrial enterprises

УДК 658.018

кандидат економічних наук, доцент,
Українська інженерно-педагогічна академія


In the article the external and internal factors of origin of risks are considered on industrial enterprises. The

algorithm of the methodical going is offered near forming of the system of estimation of risks on industrial enterprises through that the factors of origin of risk are determined on industrial enterprises, the choice of methods of estimation of risks is conducted and effective administrative decisions are formed on the decline of level of risks and their neutralization. By a basic condition for the achievement of successes with activity of industrial enterprises, creation and perfection of effective control system are risks. Forming of the system of estimation of risks on industrial enterprises must include not only authentication of risks but also to estimate them and can determine to undertake them industrial enterprise, and also to determine, the expected profitableness is justified from risks.

Keywords: risk, industrial enterprise, system of estimation of risks, administrative decisions.


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