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Mechanisms of formation and implementation of operational strategies in the agricultural enterprises activities

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здобувач Харківського національного технічного університету сільсь-кого господарства імені Петра Василенка (м. Харків, Україна)


Introduction. The volatility of the market environment requires agrarian enterprises to change existing approaches to management. Increasing the competitiveness of such enterprises is possible through the development and implementation of appropriate strategies. Particular attention should be paid to marketing activities. The enterprise’s operational strategy must be based on an effective production plan.

The purpose of the article is to create mechanisms for generating and implementing operational strategies of agricultural enterprises.

Results. The importance of a comprehensive approach to the production plan formation of agrarian enterprise is substantiated in unstable economic conditions. There is no correlation between the strategic approaches evaluation and mathematical methods. Approaches to production planning in the process of agrarian enterprise activity are generalized. The objective functions of linear and nonlinear mathematical programming for operational management evaluation are determined. The importance of competitive strategy of agrarian enterprise for maintaining its position in the market has been noted. The factors of a competitive strategy formation of agrarian enterprise are given. The algorithm of strategies modeling of agrarian organization operational activity is developed.

The stages of the strategic management system of agrarian enterprise operational activity have been presented and characterized. Alternatives to the production program optimization are offered. The methods of production planning in different market structures are systematized.

Conclusions. The proposed algorithm design strategies for agrarian enterprise operational activity facilitate reasonable choice of strategy considering market conditions. Taking into account the specifics of consumer demand formation and factors of competitive reaction in the market will allow to determine the optimal ratio of prices and volumes of products. This will help coordinate local plans and optimize revenue.

Keywords: operating strategy, strategic management, agrarian enterprise, economic activity, results of activity, production plan, marketing activity.


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