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Marketing activity of agricultural producers in the context of development of marketing systems of their products

УДК: 631.1.027 (477.83)


Girzheva Olga M.,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри
підприємництва, торгівлі та біржової діяльності, Харківський національний технічний
університет сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4548-3512


Introduction. The efficiency of all participants in the domestic market of agri-food products significantly depends on the quality of implementation of procedures for managing the production and commercial activities of entities that belong to the spheres of production and circulation of this market. The objective circumstance that explains this process is that market relations form a complex system, which is the environment of interaction of market participants, whose behavior significantly affects the success of their activities. The subjective circumstance is the action of the situational component of the formation of the situation, which may also to some extent be a consequence of the implementation of the marketing policy of individual market participants.

The purpose of the article is to determine the impact of marketing activities of producers on the formation of market characteristics of the domestic market of agricultural products and identify their features inherent in the domestic economy.

Results. On the basis of a complex scientific research, the elements of the marketing complex of the subjects of the domestic market of agricultural products were systematized. It is established that all the structural and functional tools of the marketing complex are used to varying degrees by the subjects of the agricultural market to form a competitive advantage, especially in the short term. At the same time, it is through competitive mechanisms that marketing measures influence the formation of market characteristics of the market of agricultural products. And it is thanks to them that the market equilibrium is disturbed, which, in turn, becomes the lever of the evolution of the market under consideration. It is the presence of disparities in the possibilities of application of the marketing complex by different functional groups of market participants that leads to distortions in the volume and price dynamics of the market and makes the latter more profitable for maintaining market positions of dominant market groups.

Key words: marketing activity, agricultural producers, market of agricultural products, sales, marketing tools.


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