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Management of the complex of marketing measures for Ukrainian Enterprises of Agriculture

УДК 658


PhD, associate professor of the Department of management in the fields of agroindustrial complex Sumy National Agricultural University (Sumy, Ukraine)
PhD, associate professor of the Department of Labor Economics and Management National University of Food Technologies (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The article is devoted to the formation of managerial decisions to ensure the formation of a marketing complex by the companies of the AIC of Ukraine.

The purpose of this article is to identify the peculiarities of forming a complex of marketing by Ukrainian companies in the agroindustrial complex.

The authors describe the results of qualitative research, during which the main directions for further use in the enterprises of the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine were defined: the creation of brands, the establishment of relations with customers, the use of social networks and promotion of sales, the sale of products in the package, as well as the use of defective products in the future production. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to analyze the preliminary research of marketing of agroindustrial complexes both Ukrainian and foreign scientists. Marketing in the agroindustrial complex is denoted by the term «agromarketing». It involves the study, forecasting and implementation of entrepreneurial activities of economic entities in the field of production, processing, storage, transportation and sale of agricultural products with a view to maximizing profits. The introduction of marketing innovations in the agroindustrial complex makes the enterprise more diversified, providing it with an additional competitive advantage.

In addition to innovations related to production and organizational processes, for the enterprise of agrarian and industrial complex it is important to consistently form its own brand. Thanks to the brand with well-defined values and harmonious communication channels with the consumer, the company creates additional value for itself and for its product, it strengthens consumer loyalty and the relevance of products. The limitation of this study is the chosen method – the study of one company leads to the impossibility of generalizing the conclusions drawn. The selected company operates on a special market in special conditions, which differ considerably from other sectors of the Ukrainian market.

Key words: management, brand, production, marketing measures, enterprise, agromarketing, agroindustrial complex (AIC).


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The article was received 05.03.2019