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Level of resource potential and efficiency of business and factors of their influence on forming agricultural enterprises development strategy

УДК 631.1.016


кандидат економічних наук, професор, ректор, професор кафедри фінансів і кредиту,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри фінансів і кредиту,
здобувач кафедри фінансів і кредиту, Полтавська державна аграрна академія (м. Полтава, Україна)


Introduction. System transformations in the Ukrainian economy agrarian sector should lay the foundation for balanced integrated development of individual enterprises, sectors of the national economy and the country as a whole. Socio-economic development of agrarian enterprises should be the concept basis of entrepreneurial activity efficiency increasing in agriculture. Аn effective strategy formation for the Ukrainian agrarian sector development and business entities in this field requires identification of the existing problems and the search for effective ways of their solution.

The purpose of the study is to summarize theoretical and methodological principles, develop methodological and practical recommendations for the formation and design the development strategy for the domestic agricultural enterprises in the conditions of globalization of the economy on the basis of their resource potential analysis and management efficiency.

Results. The paper analyzes the modern level of resource provision and management efficiency in agrarian enterprises of the Poltava region, identifies the factors influencing the activity efficiency and the strategy of their development. It is determined that it is necessary to formulate a strategy for the agrarian enterprises development in order to balance the economic, ecological and social problems of their development in the conditions of further institutional transformations in the state economy. An analysis of the level and their development dynamics in contemporary conditions was carried out to create a strategy for the agrarian enterprises further development. It is established that the outlined negative tendencies in the agrarian sector only exacerbate the issue of the strategy forming importance for the agrarian enterprises development in order to further increase the efficiency of their functioning and competitiveness in the food market as an important sector of the state’s economy that is able to ensure the growth of gross output production in the crisis period and to guarantee food security country.

Conclusions. It is determined that the level of resource potential and the management efficiency are the main guides and a key element in the strategy formation for the agrarian enterprises development in the conditions of globalization of the economy.

Key words: development, strategy, agrarian production, agrarian enterprises, economic growth, efficiency, resources.


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