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Investment risks and  the nature

УДК 330.322

кандидат економічних наук, доцент,
Харківська державна зооветеринарна академія
кандидат юридичних наук, ст. викладач,
Харківський інститут фінансів УДУФМТ


The article deals with the main approaches to the definition of «investment risk», an analysis of the main methods of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of investment risks identified their positive and negative features, the use of which will enhance the economic rationale of decisions in the field of management of investment processes. Identify options for accelerating the implementation of investment programs, as investment activity associated with investing significant financial resources, as a rule, over a long period, it may lead to a decrease in the solvency of the investor, the timely payment of current accounts and payment obligations of the counterparty, the state budget like. The latter should be implemented as soon as possible, as this helps to speed up the economic development of the enterprises (organizations), the rapid development of cash flows in the form of return on investment and depreciation, reduction of terms of use of credit resources, a reduction of investment risks related to adverse changes in market conditions. Under adverse conditions, they can lead to the loss of not only income but also part of the investment capital.

Keywords: Investment risks, investment risks assessment.


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The article was received 04.03.2016