Actual problems of innovative economy

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Identification of the strategic position of sustainable development of the domestic agricultural industry

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Кінзерська Ольга,
асистент, Київський національний університет культури і мистецтв,
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9914-8272

An urgent task for the development of the national economy is the sustainable development of the domestic agricultural sector. Economic crises and political conflicts in recent years confirm the need for a clear identification of the strategic position of sustainable development for further implementation and development of the industry.

Identify key indicators and form a system that characterizes the current state and trends of sustainable development of agricultural production in terms of key components through taxonomic analysis, which will organize multidimensional statistics into a single quantitative characteristic and build overall estimates of a complex object or process in this case of positioning the sustainable development of the domestic agricultural sector.

Thus, the results of the study suggest that sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the national economy in modern conditions can occur under the condition of proportional and coordinated development of interrelated components, including: economic, social, environmental, innovation and investment subsystem of sustainable development of foreign economic component.

Comprehensive assessment of sustainable development trends in the agricultural sector using taxonomic analysis tools allows us to conclude that the purpose of the strategy of sustainable development of Ukraine’s agricultural sector is to ensure food security through the formation of domestic and international competitiveness of the industry for effective socio-economic development. In the process of developing a structural policy for sustainable development of the agricultural sector, it is necessary to take into account regional features and differences in agricultural production in order to introduce regionally adapted mechanisms for transforming agricultural potential and eliminating imbalances in regional development of the agricultural sector.

Keywords: strategy, indicators of sustainable development, sustainable development, agricultural sector, taxonomic analysis.


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