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Genesis and features of forming of regional market of tourist services

УДК 332.13

Moiseeva N. I., кандидат філософських наук, доцент,
Харківський національний технічний університет сільського господарства ім. Петра Василенка
Didenko D. F., здобувач,
Київський національний університет культури і мистецтв


In the article the scientists points of view are considered and systematized in relation to an origin and determination of definitions «market», «market of tourist services», «region». A concept «market of tourist services» is reasonable with description of its forming regional features. Authorial vision of interpretation of concept «regional market of tourist services» is given as complex of economic relations, that is formed under the influence of market conditions for providing the act of purchase and sale of specific tourist commodities and services on certain territory taking into account the regional specific of his functioning.

Key words: market, tourist services, region, market segmentation, regional features.


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