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Formation of the mechanism of strategic change management in an enterprise

УДК 94(44):355.02


ВЛАСЕНКО Тетяна Анатоліївна,
кандидат економічних наук, старший викладач кафедри організації виробництва, бізнесу та менеджменту Харківського національного технічного університету сільського господарства ім. Петра Василенка (м. Харків, Україна)


Introduction. Ensuring long-term successful functioning of the enterprise in the market requires the development of an effective strategy, in which strategic changes play an important role in determining the competitive advantages and providing resources in their creation in response to the environmental impact. Effective implementation of strategic changes requires the formation of a mechanism whose architectonics and structure require further improvement.

The purpose of the study is to substantiate the structure of the mechanism for managing strategic changes in an enterprise.

Results. The following results were obtained based on the generalization of existing approaches to understanding the mechanism of change management in general and the mechanism of strategic change management in particular. The driving element is the influence of the subject on the object, which realizes the impulse to transform the input to the output through the internal components, which within the developed structure of the mechanism takes the form of managerial decision-making. The mechanism should include sources of change, both internal and external. The study identifies key external ones. The need to include the process component in the mechanism is due to the conversion of input to output, which occurs in it. The mechanism should be based on a methodological framework that incorporates laws, principles and functions that are universal to all enterprises, and methods recommended for enterprises, depending on the level of strategic potential, which is also considered as an element of it. The sphere of strategic change implementation is represented by a subject area that combines the “soft” and “hard” components, including leadership and style, hierarchy, processes and procedures, organizational competencies, technology and more. The implementation of strategic changes is proposed as a set of projects in the form of a portfolio, which allows to align the goals of the projects with the strategic intentions of the enterprise. As a result, at the output of the mechanism, a new configuration of the main subsystems of enterprise and process functioning is formed, and additional potential for growth is created.

Key words: mechanism, strategic change, mechanism for managing strategic change, methods, functions, principles, laws, subject area, external environment.


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