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Formation of organizational change management mechanism

УДК 65.012

Харківський національний економічний університет імені Семена Кузнеця.


The nature is examined and structure of the proposed organizational change management mechanism is proposed in the article. It is necessary to highlight the management subject, represented by the company’s management team and top management, and the control action on the process of their implementation in the structure of the mechanism. Goals and criteria of efficiency were proposed to consider as the basis for decision-making management on the changes. Two groups of environmental factors were determined, that trigger change and affect the mechanism. The set of organizational change management principles were justified reasonably: consistency and sequence complexity, integration, promotion to conduct, efficiency, employee engagement. The change management practices were obtained: organizational development, business process reengineering, total quality management, concurrent engineering (concurrent engineering), reframing, restructuring, creation of a virtual enterprise. Directly the implementation of the changes was provided in the form of the process, which includes a set of steps on the areas: processes (technology management), organizational structure (hierarchy), key staff competencies, organizational culture (communication).

Keywords: mechanism, organizational change management, principles, methods, organizational change management process, performance criteria.



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The article was received 01.09.2016