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Formation of organizational and economic conditions for the development of precision farming in Belarus

УДК: 338.43:631.171


Borodinskaya Evgeniya,
кандидат экономических наук, доцент, заведующая кафедрой менеджмента и маркетинга,
Белорусский государственный аграрный технический университет;
Radkovich Maryia,
аспирант, Белорусский государственный аграрный технический университет


The purpose of this research is to study the experience of introducing precision farming technologies abroad and to substantiate the directions of development and practical implementation of these technologies in Belarus. The article discusses the leading countries in the field of practical testing of modern technologies of precision farming, analyzes the experience of their use in the EAEU countries, studies the developments in the main directions of the introduction of precision farming in Belarus: the use of GPS for determining field boundaries, remote sensing of the earth, mapping and monitoring the state of crops and productivity; technologies of differentiated application of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, differentiated pre-sowing soil treatment; technology of parallel driving and automatic control over the work and movement of technical equipment. Based on the results of the analysis, such directions of development and practical use of precision farming technologies in Belarus have been identified, such as the implementation of domestic industrial developments; development of domestic software and hardware; expanding scientific research on precision farming technologies; generalization and dissemination of scientific and production experience in the introduction of precision farming; development of government measures to support commodity producers, including farms, mastering precision farming technologies.

The scientific novelty lies in the study of the problems of introducing precision farming technologies in Belarus, taking into account world experience, as well as in developing priority areas for the further development of precision farming in Belarus.

The practical significance lies in the need to introduce precision farming technologies in agricultural organizations of Belarus.

It is advisable to continue the research in the direction of developing a methodology for assessing the degree of introduction of precision farming technologies, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the results of the practical use of these technologies at micro- and mesoscale levels.

Keywords: agriculture, efficiency, sustainability, innovative technologies, precision farming, world experience, development directions in the Republic of Belarus.


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