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Formation of adaptive mechanism of harmonization of marketing mix and logistic mix concepts

УДК: 338.24(339.137)


Турчин Люба Ярославівна,
кандидат економічних наук, доцент, доцент кафедри
підприємництва і торгівлі, Західноукраїнський національний університет,
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-62381812

In modern conditions of market development, the issue of finding and implementing mechanisms for managing marketing activities that meet the dynamic parameters of the competitive environment is relevant. One of the ways to enter the trajectory of stable and effective functioning of economic entities is the systematic use of the instrumental apparatus of logistics in the structure of strategic management of the organization. The search for adaptive ways of competitive management of the enterprise in terms of expanding the range of needs and changing stereotypes of consumer behavior has led to the formation of integrative approaches, a combination of similar functional areas of management, implemented in the concept of marketing and logistics management. The article proposes and substantiates an adaptive mechanism for coordinating the concepts of marketing mix and logistics mix, which is a complex of marketing and logistics management, built on the interaction of the conceptual unit and the supply unit. Thus, the concept of marketing and logistics management realizes the goal of increasing the value of goods (formation of competitive advantages) on the basis of a symbiosis of concepts of marketing mix “4P” and logistics mix “7R” within the adaptive mechanism, which provides interaction of the conceptual block with functional filling concerning development of strategy and tactics of production, sales activity, the price policy and the providing block focused on definition of parameters and realization of operational activity on formation of stocks, warehousing, transportation products (control of material flow). The marketing component of the mechanism is induced by solving applied problems of market analysis. Logistics elements are represented by a system of interacting functional subsectors, which include the stages of material flow from external suppliers (procurement logistics, inventory logistics) to consumers (sales logistics, service logistics), including mediating blocks of internal production movement of material values and information support of all listed.

Keywords: marketing, marketing mix, logistic mix, adaptive mechanism.


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