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Financial mechanism for ensuring the strategic development of the enterprise on the basis of sustainability

УДК: 332.146


Ivanova Nataliia,
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade,
Chernihiv Polytechnic National University,
Ivanov Glib,
PhD student of the Department of Management and Administration
Chernihiv Polytechnic National University,

The article begins by highlighting the global paradigm shift towards sustainable development. It requires companies of all scales and industries to take a comprehensive approach to implementing sustainability principles into their strategic management systems. The authors define sustainable development as a balanced approach to economic, social, and environmental spheres that allows meeting present needs without compromising future generations. Achieving sustainable development goals necessitates significant investments and a well-grounded financing strategy. In this context, determining an effective, sustainable development financing strategy for a company becomes a critical task that should be aligned with the corporate strategy defining the company’s long-term development goals. The authors review research on financing sustainable development by domestic and foreign scholars. They synthesize the primary approaches, including studying green financing instruments, developing financial sustainability strategies, implementing sustainable financial management systems, and shaping state financial policies to foster sustainability. The theoretical section analyzes the role of finance in enabling sustainable development through resource valuation, distribution, and redistribution mechanisms. The authors comprehensively analyze internal and external factors influencing a company’s activities to determine specific sustainable development goals, assess required investments, develop an optimal mix of financing sources with timelines, and design risk mitigation measures. The paper outlines key areas for financing sustainable development initiatives at the company level, such as implementing sustainability priorities, accounting for sustainability factors, developing organizational sustainability management systems, adopting clean technologies, and implementing social programs. A conceptual framework for a financial mechanism to support a company’s strategic sustainable development is proposed. An important aspect is to ensure proper communication about the results achieved and progress in sustainable development, which will help increase the company’s credibility and reputation.

Keywords: sustainable development, financial instruments, financial mechanism, impact investing, enterprise strategy.


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