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Efficiency of investments attraction in agroformations in the conditions of the market transformation

УДК 005’06: 005.332.2

доктор економічних наук, професор,
Білоцерківський національний аграрний університет


This article is focused on the methodological approaches to determination of investment promotion efficiency to the agricultural enterprises within calculations of comparative and competing crops. This methodology is offered for definition of scientific and reasonable strategy of doing business in agriculture depending on level of agricultural formations’ financial and credit ensuring. Methodological approaches to determination of efficiency of attraction of investments in agricultural formations taking into calculations of comparative and competing crops are investigated. This article represents scientifically reasonable methodology for production priority of competing crops gives the chance of quantitative parameters determination of competitiveness crops taking into account profitability and expenses on their production. Such parameters give the chance to prove scientifically based strategy of conducting business activity depending on level of agricultural formations financial and credit ensuring. The results (proceeding from the financial statements of agricultural formations of the Forest-Steppe zone) specify that the most favorable crop at investments attraction in comparison with expenses and profitability of wheat, is soybean production (on the market situation in 2010). At the same time on the situation of 2013 it is more favorable to grow up corn.

Key words: investments, investments efficiency, agroformations, competing agricultural products.


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