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Effectiveness of strategic management systems for organizational and economic security of agricultural enterprises

УДК 338.22.021.4 : 338.23 : 631.15.017.1


ЛІЗУТ Рафал Анджей,
здобувач кафедри організації виробництва,
бізнесу та менеджменту, Харківський національний технічний університет сільського
господарства імені Петра Василенка


The article deals with the constituents and components of the strategic management systems for the organizational and economic security of agricultural enterprises, as well as outlines the main factors influencing the improvement of their functioning in different conditions. It is proved that in the current conditions of market relations development, more attention is paid to the components of organizational and economic security along with situational problems of political, social, economic and legal nature. The necessity of forming a reasonable set of indicators and indexes for assessing and analyzing the effectiveness of organizational and economic security of agrarian enterprises is determined, which depends on the assessment of the real security situation of agribusiness entities, determining their level of management and monitoring capabilities. It is identified that there are some drawbacks in the development in the existing universal formalized approach to the analysis of organizational and economic security of agribusiness entities, and there is no corresponding system with a clearly defined list of quantitative indicators and indexes. At the same time, it is proved that there are certain methodological problems of analyzing its state and forecasting the dynamics of its level of development for the future. Therefore, the study proposes to use indicators that will determine the existing real enterprise data changes in the level of organizational and economic security, which is manifested through indicators (financial sustainability, profitability of production, efficiency, competitiveness of products, market share, etc.). As a result, the indicators will have certain properties. First, they will form a system in which they interact and perform their indicative function only under this condition. Secondly, they will have high sensitivity and are signals of threats arising from changes in the organizational and economic situation in agribusinesses. Third, they will be clearly formalized, will reflect threats and challenges in quantitative form.

Keywords: enterprise security, organizational and economic security, system of safety indicators, impact factors, performance indicators, agribusiness, enterprise.



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