Actual problems of innovative economy

The journal is added to the the List of printed scientific professional publications in the field of economic Sciences by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine from 11.07.2016 No. 820
The journal is indexed in the International Scientific Center of Index Copernicus International

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief:

Kornietskiy O.V., Dr.Sc., Associated Professor (Kharkiv)

Editorial Board:

  1. Amosov O.Y., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kharkiv);
  2. Vasiljev A.Y., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kharkiv);
  3. Waldemar Izdebski, Dr. Hab., prof., (Warsaw, Poland);
  4. Galushko V.P., Dr.Sc., prof., corresponding member of NAAS (Kyiv);
  5. Gridin O.V., executive secretary (Kharkiv);
  6. Hudz‘ O.Y., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kyiv);
  7. Ganush G.I., Dr.Sc., prof., corresponding member of NASB (Minsk, Belarus);
  8. Danylenko V.V., technical editor (Kharkiv);
  9. Kvasha S.M., Dr.Sc., prof., academician of NAAS (Kyiv);
  10. Krasnorutskyy O.O., Dr.Sc., prof., deputy editor, (Kharkiv);
  11. Levkina R.V., Dr.Sc., Associated Professor (Kharkiv);
  12. Marenych T.G., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kharkiv);
  13. Onegina V.M., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kharkiv);
  14. Perebyinis V.I., Dr.Sc., prof., (Poltava);
  15. Sabluk P.T., Dr.Sc., prof., academician of NAAS (Kyiv);
  16. Stetsyuk P.A., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kyiv);
  17. Stanley R. Thompson, prof., (Columbus, USA);
  18. Shinkarenko V.G., Dr.Sc., prof., (Kharkiv);
  19. Jacek Skudlarski, PhD (AG-Sciences) (Warsaw, Poland).