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Ecotourism in Asia: experience for Ukraine

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кандидат економічних наук, доцент
кандидат економічних наук, доцент
кафедри туристичного бізнесу та країнознавства,
Харківський національний університет імені В. Н. Каразіна (м. Харків, Україна)


Introduction. Tourism is related to the mechanisms of nature management. On the other hand, the negative impact of tourism on the environment has been proven. Therefore, the object of the study is ecotourism in terms of the concept of sustainable and responsible nature management.

The purpose of the article is to provide a scientific and theoretical substantiation for the development prospects of ecological tourism in Ukraine based on Asian experience. Ecotourism is a major sector of the national economy for many Asian countries. At the same time, the population of these countries is responsible for the preparation of the “green” tourists reception, which is connected with the ecological features of the natural territories.

Research methodology. Features of ecotourism development in China and Vietnam are examined using statistical, graphical and analytical methods. The research revealed priority directions for the development of ecotourism, which, first of all, need to be implemented in Ukraine: forming an understanding of the need to develop ecotourism in the country’s population; domestic tourism industry restructuring; improving the legal framework and policy for the ecotourism development; development of human resources in this field; the need for investment; creation of favorable environment for ecotourism development.

Conclusions. According to the authors, it was in China and Vietnam that they found the best mechanism for regulating the development of ecotourism that Ukraine could adopt. It is noted that recreational, historical, cultural and natural potential is almost not realized due to a number of constraints in our country. The scientific novelty of the article is to compare the experience of organizing ecotourism in selected countries of Asia and Ukraine and to develop on this basis ways to overcome the crisis of the domestic tourism industry. The study of application directions of Asian experience state regulation of ecological tourism development in Ukraine is considered in the future.

Key words: sustainable nature management, ecotourism in Ukraine, Asian countries, China and Vietnam tourism industry, reserve.


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