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Economic nature of social responsibility of agricultural entities

УДК: 338.43


Деркач Олександр Валерійович
здобувач Харківського національного технічного університету сільського господарства імені Петра Василенка
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3310-3271

The article considers the economic nature of social responsibility of agribusiness entities. It is revealed that in modern economic conditions the social responsibility of agribusiness entities is a system of views and different models for resolving economic conflicts of socio-economic development in the agricultural sector, which should be the basis of values, dominant attitudes of the modern business community. It is noted that the main importance of social responsibility is to ensure the stability of the socio-economic system by satisfying the interests of the external and internal environment in the agricultural sector. The scale of social activity in agrarian business can increase significantly if the state will encourage and stimulate it by creating a favorable socially safe environment for entrepreneurs. Social responsibility of agribusiness entities is an important tool for increasing the company’s reputation, public trust, investment attractiveness, capitalization and competitiveness of agricultural production. Research of objective bases and forms of social responsibility realization of agribusiness subjects is connected with necessity of defining functions and tendencies of agrarian production development. The practical implementation of the social responsibility concept of agribusiness entities on the basis of developing the most modern principles and methodological approaches to the organization of domestic agrarian business requires innovative decisions by management and changing the paradigm of owners’ thinking and management. Shifting key benchmarks to maximize profits and increase profitability to address social issues and intellectual capitalization of agricultural production in modern conditions is a major factor in achieving economic success and strengthening competitive positions in the market. The principles that allow to form the organizational and economic mechanism of its activation in increasing the competitiveness of agribusiness entities, efficiency, strategic coherence of elements and instruments of influence, the effectiveness of which is ensured by the fundamental principles of polystructurality, complementarity, institutional certainty.

Keywords: social responsibility, corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship, business entities, agribusiness entities.


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The article was received 15.03.2021