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Economic evaluation of the use of trading strategies in the commodity exchange market

УДК 339


Подсоха Анна Сергіївна
заступник начальника відділу Головного управління Державної фіскальної служби
в Харківській області


Introduction. The development of the domestic economy largely depends on the stock sector. Exchanges are one of the key elements of the market mechanism. Their role is to establish links between producer and end consumer. Exchanges help to determine the objective market value of products, increase its competitiveness.

The purpose of the research is to generalize the theoretical aspects of evaluating the use of trading strategies in the commodity exchange market.

Results. The main shortcomings of the developed strategies of traders are highlighted. It is established that the influence of the trader is the most unpredictable factor in the process of forming and implementing strategies. The importance of keeping a trader’s diary is noted. It was found that the trader reflects not quite the real situation in the process of keeping a diary. This reduces the level of objectivity of information. The structure is described and the method of filling in the trader’s diary is considered. The role of keeping a transaction log for the trader is substantiated. The importance of risk management in the process of exchange trading is noted. The role of the decision-making mechanism is described in the trading stock market in conditions of uncertainty. The essence and stages of risk management strategy are determined. Price types of risks are characterized. Risk assessment methods are systematized. The main methods of risk management are given. Methods of risk avoidance, methods of risk reduction, methods of risk absorption and financing, methods of risk transfer are described. Emphasis is placed on the expediency of consistent use of these methods. Measures to minimize the degree of risk (diversification of assets, hedging and risk insurance, creation of reserves to cover risks) are identified.

Conclusions. The development of traders’ strategy should reduce risks in exchange activities. The formation of such a strategy takes into account many factors. It is proved that the use of risk management methods is the key to the effective operation of traders. The possible results from the introduction of such methods are described.

Keywords: commodity exchange, trader, trading strategy, risk management, economic evaluation.


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