Actual problems of innovative economy

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Development of innovation and investment potential of the industrial sector

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д.е.н. професор, завідувач кафедри менеджменту,
Полтавська державна аграрна академія, (м. Полтава, Україна)
здобувач, кафедра менеджменту,
Полтавська державна аграрна академія (м. Полтава, Україна)


Introduction. The main catalyst for effective transformations in the industrial sector of the economy is innovation and investment policy, which aims to increase the potential, namely the capacity of the manufacturing sector of the Ukrainian economy. The innovation and investment potential closely reflect the objectively existing possibility of socio-economic development of the human system.

The purpose of the article is to clarify the basic principles and approaches that reflect the innovation and investment potential and the essence of innovation and investment development.

Results. The state ideology in the field of innovation and investment policy is considered. A generalization of the concept of “development” of the philosophical point of view is presented. The decisive role of development in understanding the essence of everything is proved. The vector of development in terms of its regressive or progressive manifestation is considered. It is determined that the stages of development are the stages of system change, which include: appearance, upward stage of development, maximal development or maturity, regressive changes or downward stage, disintegration and death. The tendency of differentiation in socio-economic systems is determined. The essence of “becoming” as a stage in the system development is considered. The essence of the system’s maturity is revealed. External and internal sources of system development are considered. On the basis of the theoretical generalization, the key properties of the concept of “development” are given: it acts as a form of constant movement forward from simple to complex form; the degree of development is determined by the influence of external and internal factors; the way of development of the system is determined by its basic motives, the degree of recognition by the system of objectively existing reality; development is possible if it’s provided by the quantitative parameters of the end goal; the form of its implementation is cyclical or spiral; analysis of development must be carried out in two directions of research: in the material and spiritual worlds. The definition of “innovation” is given. The essence of scientific and technological progress as a basis of economic development is considered and the vision of leading scientists-economists on this phenomenon is presented. Quantitative estimates of the impact of innovative GDP growth are provided. The quantitative contribution of various factors of economic growth of a market economy is given.

Key words: management, enterprise, potential, innovations, investments, innovation and investment development.


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