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Cost management as a factor for improving enterprise economic security

УДК 658.5


МАРКІНА Ірина Анатоліївна,
доктор економічних наук, професор,
завідувач кафедри менеджменту, Полтавська державна аграрна академія
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-2815-4223
ЛЕНЬ Валерія Валеріївна,
здобувач, Полтавська державна аграрна академія
ШАПКА Віталій Олександрович,
аспірант кафедри економіки біоресурсів і
природокористування, Тернопільський національний економічний університет


Introduction. Modern enterprises operate in conditions of political and economic instability. This requires enterprises to build an integrated system for ensuring economic security. In Ukraine, the issue of economic security is relevant. But not fully understood. Need to clarify issues related to improving cost management. This is a factor in improving the economic security of the enterprise.

The purpose of the study is the theoretical and practical justification of cost management.

Results. One of the the main goal of the enterprise is maximum profit. A factor in the success of enterprises is to reduce production costs. Business security is a prerequisite for stable sustainable development and effective operation of the enterprise. Economic security depends on many factors: the actions of competitors, unsuccessful state policies, changing market conditions, and crisis phenomena. Object of enterprise security: personnel (managers, structural divisions, shareholders and employees), financial, economic, material and intellectual capital of the enterprise; specifics of activity. The head of the enterprise makes a decision. The decisions concern the price of the product, the amount of expenses. Costs – a decrease in the volume of material assets, cash. Cost management involves functions: forecasting, planning, rationing, organization, calculation, motivation and stimulation, accounting, analysis, regulation and control of expenses.

Conclusions. We consider the “Cost-Volume-Profit” (CVP- analysis) analysis to be successful. It allows you to identify changes in costs. The dependence of changes in production volumes and incomes on sales is studied; expenses and net profit. It’s substantiated that cost and profit planning using CVP analysis has limitations. Marginal income (profit) – the difference between sales revenue and variable costs. The higher the marginal income level, the faster fixed costs are reimbursed. The average marginal income is an “indicator” of the contribution of a unit of production to covering fixed costs. The purpose of break-even analysis (CVP-analysis) is to predict financial results. Break-even analysis of economic activity is an indicator of the brink of effective and inefficient management. The same is the condition for maximizing profits. The main thing is an effective defense mechanism of the enterprise. Provides economic security of the enterprise from the threat of bankruptcy.

Keywords: economic security, cost management, profit, costs, cost-volume-profit analysis.



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The article was received 15.04.2019