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Cooperation of territorial communities as an effective tool for local development

УДК: 005.21.351.77(477)


Harkusha O.,
доктор економічних наук, професор, професор кафедри економіки підприємств, Миколаївський національний аграрний університет


Introduction. Regardless the territorial unit, whether city or village, there are a number of issues that are difficult to solve with their own resources. Problems of garbage collection, utilization, removal and processing, road cleaning, quality water supply and drainage, timely repair and cleaning of roads, continuous and permanent passenger transportation, organization and maintenance of fire protection, etc. need urgent solution and are essential for the welfare of the population.

The purpose of this article is research of territorial communities cooperation and effective tools for local development, substantiation of ways of social well-being problem solving by means of the in-depth analysis of preconditions for maintenance of cooperation and creation of territorial communities associations.

Results. The advantages of inter-municipal cooperation are considered. The state of concluding agreements based on inter-municipal instrument and cooperation agreements is analyzed. The trend analysis of the cooperation development of territorial communities is carried out. The detailed study of community cooperation has been conducted and a number of benefits in inter-municipal associations have been identified. Explanations of each advantage of territorial cooperation and community associations are given.

Conclusions. The need for cooperation was outlined as an effective tool for local development. The analysis of the activities of territorial communities gives grounds to consider the need for cooperation and their unification on the principles of inter-municipal cooperation. Cooperation of territorial communities has significant advantages, which was proved in the study. Along with them you can add the following: reduction of production costs and ensuring savings due to the volume of activities; strengthening the negotiating positions of the relevant local governments; reduction of the number of persons who receive economically justified cost services; increase of investment resources of territorial communities; increasing the level of trust among creditors; the possibility of attracting external public funding.

Key words: territorial community, regional policy, inter-municipal instruments, independent region.


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