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Comprehensive approach to change management in the process of enterprise development

УДК: 65.005.591


Nemashkalo Karina,
Candidate of Science (in Economics), Associate Professor,
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics,
Khutak Artur,
PhD student of
Odesa National Technological University,
Oleksandr Kuchuhurnyi,
PhD student of
Odesa National Technological University,

Managing change effectively has become a critical challenge for modern enterprises amidst dynamic economic, technological, and social landscapes. This article explores the comprehensive approach to change management in enterprise development. It examines strategic methodologies and practices that enable organizations to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving business environment. The article begins by outlining the fundamental concepts of change management and the rationale behind adopting a comprehensive approach. It emphasizes integrating various strategies, including strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, communication management, and organizational culture alignment. These elements collectively contribute to the successful implementation of changes within an organization. A significant focus of the article is placed on leadership’s role in driving and facilitating change initiatives. It discusses strategies for leadership to act as change catalysts and garner employee support throughout the change process. Fostering a supportive corporate culture that encourages innovation and openness to change is also highlighted. Furthermore, the article delves into the project management aspect of change implementation. It explores how effective project management practices contribute to achieving change objectives within specified budgets, timelines, and quality standards. Modern tools and technologies are also examined to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Challenges and barriers encountered by enterprises during change implementation are comprehensively analyzed in the article. It addresses risk assessment, strategies to minimize internal resistance, and methods to overcome obstacles encountered during the change journey. The article’s concluding section focuses on evaluating change management effectiveness. Key performance indicators and evaluation methodologies are discussed to measure the success of change initiatives. Concrete data and insights are provided to assess the attainment of change objectives and overall organizational resilience. In summary, this article provides a holistic perspective on change management as a strategic tool for achieving competitive advantages and sustainable development in today’s volatile economic environment. It underscores the necessity of integrating diverse aspects of change management into a unified strategy to ensure successful change implementation and enhance organizational resilience against external disruptions.

Keywords: change management, comprehensive approach, strategic planning, leadership role, communication management, project management, organizational development, sustainable development.


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