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Communication strategies of local government to ensure the implementation of the territory development strategy

УДК: 351.751(06.056)


Grynevych Liudmyla,
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Marketing Department,
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics,
Buslaev Vasyl,
Postgraduate student, Department of Public Administration and Economic Policy,
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics,

The article analyzes the theoretical approach to determining the essence and features of communication strategies as planning communication documents used by local self-government bodies to involve the target audience and the local population in management at the local and national levels. The author defines the standard and distinctive features of communication and communication strategies and outlines the areas of their use. A communication strategy is a document defined as a strategic communication guideline for the planned implementation of informational influence to raise awareness of the planned changes and form appropriate behavior patterns of potential and existing target audiences and target groups of the local community. The expediency of using the complex system approach COMBI (Communication for Behavioral Impact) in developing and implementing communication strategies is substantiated. Careful development and successful implementation of a communication strategy can increase the effectiveness of decision-making by local self-government bodies and contribute to forming the community as a full-fledged subject of local self-government. Emphasis is placed on informativeness, credibility, the accuracy of messages, and the level of their perception by target audiences to evaluate communication strategies. It was established that the structure of the communication strategy should include such elements as compliance with strategic goals, determination of expected behavior, situation analysis, development of messages and their preliminary testing, development of an action plan, explanation of means of control over implementation, monitoring and assessment of impact, development of schedule and implementation plan, as well as determination of resources and budget. The types of communication strategies that can be developed and implemented at the regional level are summarized, and their strategic goals and hierarchical structures are supplemented. The author’s classification of communication strategies according to the following characteristics is presented: type of actor, goal, region, sector, and influence.

Keywords: communicative interaction, public administration bodies, communication strategies, development of local self-government, local community, development strategies and programs, components of communication strategies, types of communication strategies.


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