Actual problems of innovative economy and law

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Capacity of public administration systems and institutional capability of the state: a comparative analysis of Ukraine and the USA

УДК: 35.07(477+73)


Kovalchuk Mykola Mykolayovych,
Postgraduate student of the Department of Public Administration of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service,
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,

In the modern world, where rapid changes and global challenges demand not only reactivity but also predictive capacity from the state, the capacity of public administration systems emerges as a key success factor. This article conducts a comparative analysis of the capacities of public administration systems and the institutional capabilities of Ukraine and the USA, highlighting both common tactics and unique approaches of both countries. The study employs a comprehensive approach that includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods, such as literature analysis and case studies, allowed for a deeper understanding of public administration and the identification of key factors affecting its effectiveness. Quantitative methods, including statistical and correlational analyses, helped to quantitatively assess these factors and test hypotheses about their interrelationships. The author investigates how professionalism, political neutrality, and effective coordination impact the ability of government agencies to solve problems and achieve strategic goals. It is argued that the stability of legislation and institutions, as well as efforts to combat corruption, are important for ensuring predictability and reliability in management processes. The article also emphasizes the importance of the accessibility and quality of administrative services, which directly affect citizens’ trust in the government. The need for flexibility and innovation in public administration systems to adapt to changing conditions is highlighted, as well as the importance of collaboration with civil society organizations and the private sector to enhance efficiency and transparency. In conclusion, the author stresses the critical importance of institutional capability for the success of public policy, noting that both countries have unique opportunities and challenges in this sphere. The author calls for continued research and dialogue between Ukraine and the USA to exchange best practices and enhance the overall capacity of public administration. The article offers recommendations for improving the capacity of public administration and the institutional capability of the state.

Keywords: Public Administration Capacity, State Institutional Capability, Public Policy, Professionalism, Political Neutrality, Coordination, Legislative Stability, Anti-Corruption Efforts, Administrative Services, Management Innovation.


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