Actual problems of innovative economy and law

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Basics of economic security of agricultural sector enterprises at the state level

УДК: 342.51


Kukhar Oleksandr,
Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor,
State Biotechnological University,

The article delves into the crucial role of the state in substantiating the conceptual foundations of the economic security of agricultural sector enterprises at the state level. It underscores that in a developed market system, the state’s role is pivotal in ensuring the institutional and legal structure of the economy and in bridging ‘market gaps’, which directly influence economic and food security. The article further emphasizes that creating favorable conditions for attracting investments in agriculture is a pressing task to ensure its economic security. It provides a comprehensive set of measures preceding this process, including establishing a mechanism of interaction with investors, continuous improvement of legislation, and application of innovations in agriculture and product processing. The article also highlights the importance of implementing constant monitoring of investment activity as a necessary stage for in-depth analysis and improvement of state influence strategies on the agro-industrial sector’s economic security. It substantiates the need to define and implement complex strategies to ensure the state’s practical influence on the agro-industrial complex’s economic security through creating favorable conditions and investment support. The article concludes by analyzing the internal causes of the economic threat to agricultural enterprises, classifying threats to the economy of the agrarian sector, and studying their manifestation in Ukraine. It underscores that ensuring financial efficiency, technological independence, and effective management of agricultural enterprises should be defined among the main functional goals of state policy in this context. The article summarizes that the primary goal of state policy in this context is to ensure the stability and effective functioning of agricultural sector enterprises, and its main tasks include the support of financial, technological, and managerial stability, as well as the development of the qualification potential of personnel. It further emphasizes that the overall effectiveness of state policy is determined by a comprehensive summary of such aspects as financial efficiency, investment policy, legislative and regulatory, innovative activity, ensuring environmental safety, social aspects, risks, and crisis management; efficiency of land and resource use; personnel qualification, which considers the relationship and mutual influence of various spheres of activity of the agricultural enterprise.

Keywords: security, economic security, state regulation, agrarian sector of the economy, agrarian enterprises.


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The article was received 15.02.2024