Actual problems of innovative economy

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Assessing the influence of the expansion of the shadowing and corruption component on the formation of economic security

УДК: 338.24:336.153.2


Ружицький Ігор Юрійович
кандидат економічних наук, Національний університет
«Чернігівська політехніка»,
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7811-0689

The study made it possible to establish that, taking into account the significant number of studies conducted in Ukraine in previous years, the main problems in the study of corruption at the state level is the lack of longitudinal or comparative studies. Also, the impossibility of comparing different values over time, which is a consequence of the lack of a single methodology and universal indices. The application of international methodology, often without adaptation to the national context, does not give a picture of the real situation in the Ukrainian society. Corruption is generally equated only to bribery (trade in the approval of decisions, “kickbacks”, “application of official status”, the provision of valuable gifts, or the sale of services, etc. are not considered). In addition, the participants, answering the question about corruption, provide their own subjective explanation, which adds insufficient definition of the scientists themselves on the concept of the phenomenon of “corruption”. Indirect indicators of corruption, such as institutional means and incentives for corruption, are not studied. According to the results of a comparative study of the business environment and the recognition of the proposed methodological tool for identifying and assessing threats to financial security of business, it is outlined that currently the shadow economy and corruption and their spread hinder the business components and are actual threats to business security influence that leads to the spread of planned crime and create social tensions in the country. Assessing the level of economic security of business on the basis of economic and mathematical modeling makes it possible to establish the current economic condition of business owners, identify real and possible threats, plan their impact on target security characteristics and create ways to cause and reduce threats to economic security. Finding the impact of external security threats to the business economy is the basis for the formation of methods to ensure that in the context of the socio-economic strategy of the country: in theoretical terms requires the formation of a mechanism that would characterize the scheme of elements and relationships between them, formation of safe preconditions for the country’s development, and in the actual implementation in the covered management of measures to combat threats to the security of the business economy, the establishment of mandatory resources for it, the formation and use of sources.

Key words: economic security, provision, state policy, shadowing, corruption.


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