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Architectonics of the mechanism of information support of strategic management of marketing and sales in the agricultural enterprise

УДК 658.81:005.346


Ustik T.
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9967-0669
Hirzheva O.
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4548-3512


Introduction. The effectiveness of the introduction and use in the marketing and sale of agricultural enterprises of information systems and technologies are one of the main factors influencing its competitiveness by increasing the level of flexibility and the degree of use of its marketing potential, ie by improving marketing and sale activities of agricultural enterprises.

The purpose of the article is to form the principles of information support of strategic management of marketing and sales in an agricultural enterprise and on their basis to develop the architecture of the organizational and economic mechanism of this process.

Research methodology. The article uses the method of analysis and synthesis, abstract-logical, monographic, observation, sampling and grouping, generalization and comparative analysis, logical-structural and graphical modeling.

Results. The principles of building a system of information marketing support of the enterprise are substantiated. The scheme of functioning of the system of collection and use of marketing information of the agrarian enterprise is offered. The structure of information marketing support of the enterprise with detailing of its components is revealed: external marketing information and internal marketing information. The author’s architectonics of the organizational and economic mechanism of information support of strategic management of marketing and sales in the agricultural enterprise is offered.

Conclusions. All information flows, circulating between the subjects of the relevant field of activity, form a system of marketing and sales information, which is a common set of all received, analyzed and finished data, which are used together and depend on one. The marketing information system can correctly form and function optimally only to combine all the components, their interaction between users and the full amount of information at each of the different stages. An important point is to create mandatory feedback systems with each of the components – after using the information system, its production and optimization and provision as feedback for further implementation of such information before the current visit of information flows.

Key words: information, strategic management, marketing, sales, architectonics, organizational and economic mechanism.


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