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Analysis of the state of financial potential of agrarian enterprises

УДК 336:631.16

Oriekhova A. I., кандидат економічних наук, доцент, Сумський національний аграрний університет (Суми, Україна)


It is proved that the management of the financial potential of the enterprise is inextricably linked with the approved strategic objectives of the entity, access to capital markets and the quality of the current management system. The analysis of the parameters of the financial potential of agrarian business entities of Ukraine is carried out, which allows to identify and eliminate deficiencies in the financial activity of the enterprise, to determine the reserves for improving its financial status and solvency, as well as to increase the efficiency of using its financial resources. It is determined that the analysis of financial potential of enterprises is a necessary stage of strategic analysis and management. As a consequence, a systematic approach to assessing the company and its potential is provided.

Key words: potential, financial potential, analysis, agrarian enterprises, strategic management.


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